Coloring thin and fragile nails

Nail polish Rewiev 

I received a Michael Kors Nail Lacquer Set form from my friend Roxana – thank you! 🙂

This is a new brand for me as I’m used to european nail polish therefore I decided to share with you my experience with this brand.

I begin by specifying that I have very thin and fragile nails, so any nail polish that stays on the nails for more than three days is perfect 🙂

oje 1

 For the first test I chose the Runway Star color because it’s a soft gold metallic color:

oja 2

It’s easy to apply having a wide tear drop brush and it dries quickly.

oja 3

          Today is the third day since I have the color on my nails. Until now it maintained well, did not chip on the corners, only the peaks faded slightly. I will also be able to wear it tomorrow without any problems.

oja ziua 3

Until now I gladly recommend it.

What do you think about the color?

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