How to shape eyebrows tips and tricks

We all know that the shape of the eyebrows can improve the look.

Hunting for the perfect shape I read a lot about this subject so when I see something wrong on somebody’s face I immediately look to see how the eyebrows are.
If in Romania I was used to see too many tattooed eyebrows – bad tattoos, here in USA I’m seeing a lot of eyebrows made too close. I’m pro close eyebrows but only in the case of a too wide nose.

Tips and tricks

If you have:

* a wide nose, you should know that your eyebrows must not be in line with the edge of the nostrils they must be in line with the point where the nostril starts. In this way the attention is on the nose bridge and in this way the nose appear smaller.


* round face, you should high arch shape, in this way the face will appear longer.
* diamond face, you should soften the whole face with a curved shape.
* square face, you should use a curved shape and increase the angle if the jawline is bony.
* long face use a flat shape, as horizontal as you can, in this way the face appear to be shorter.


So no matter what method you choose to style your eyebrow: threading, plucking or waxing, you must keep in mind that the eyebrows are the frame of the face 🙂

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