About Me

 Laura's Fashion EssentialsI sit back and wonder how many times did I have to start something by saying “My name is Laura”, surprisingly I have used this form many times in official emails or in those designated to express a complain regarding a service or a product.

“I’m Laura Radu” was often used to introduce myself to people who were interesting to me, yes I know a woman does not introduce herself but try to tell this to a rebel, beautiful, smart girl and without modesty, who knows that she can move mountains if she is challenged to.

Growing up (not growing mature) I ended up tempering my eagerness to move mountains and started being introduced as “Laura Radu”

Laura's Fashion EssentialsI started to use the simple “Laura” in November 2013, when I arrived to the USA and realized that my first name is not easy to be pronounced in English (I don’t like the English way and I insist for the A and R to be pronounced in the Italian manner)

Sometimes I wonder which would be the best way to introduce myself here. Being a blog where I will present my perception, my idea, my impression, a place where you will see everything through my mind, I realize that the best form of introduction is ME.

poza about 2 Now that I introduced myself, let me tell you what you’ll read about here (I hope to do it in fewer phrases than I used for introduction).

Starting with the idea that if you can do one thing well then focus on it and do it perfect, I found out I can’t write a niche blog. In time I figured out that I don’t want to be perfect anymore but I want to be complex, and extremely good in my complexity.

I will speak about fashion through my outfits, about hair style through my styling tutorials, about cosmetic products and accessories through my tests, about everything I consider as being “beauty”. In the same time I will tell you about me and the changes in my life.masi

As you observed until now, I have the tendency to speak a lot and I don’t consider this a problem, especially that my father taught me many years ago that it’s not bad to speak a lot if you have something intelligent to say (I’m not modest, remember?)

I close by thanking you for passing by and I hope you found that something that will make you read me here tomorrow, and the day after and so on (and on)!Laura's Fashion Essentials logo cu mail