A life in two suitcases

On October 30 we were leaving for the New World, the two of us, two big suitcases and two smaller ones.

 Our new world and our new life.bagaje

How funny is the moment when you have to pack for a new life. It’s not like moving. I have moved numerous times along the years. I never had that wish to have my own place. I don’t like being tied to a place. I never wanted a vacation house, I can’t imagine going to the same place vacation after vacation. I rather spend the money needed to buy a house on hotel rooms in as many destinations as possible.

The history of moving started in my 9th grade when I left for high school alone. If my folks didn’t trust me to live alone and I lived with several cute old landladies which took care of me, in my 11th grade they decided to move me in a small studio (pressured by their dear and only child) where I lived alone.

My first year at the University began with a lot of moving, I think I moved at least five times in the same year and about three times next year. fustefuste2

September 2013 found me in a total panic in my soul and clothes flying all over the house. The packing strategies abandoned me. Nothing of what I knew applied anymore. 

I only had two suitcases to accommodate what I need from my old life to start the new one.

Shoes, make-up, jewelery, coats, jackets, blazers, dresses, blouses, everything in two suitcases was an image that terrified me.

 I was walking through the dressing trying to find a way to choose my dresses. Although I eliminated the evening dresses, there were still too many to take. I gave up my summer dresses too. Still too many.palton How can you give up a dress you like, a dress you wear, one that looks so good on you? I don’t know how, I found myself walking through the dressing and hearing the story of each little dress, how I found it, when I bought it, how many compliments I received wearing it so this is how I could choose the most interesting ones, those that had the greatest stories to tell.

 From now on things got easier, I chose the skirts so that I have one of each color, plus three more red ones and then the dressy tank tops I matched with the skirts. 

As for the pants, I chose the two blue jeans pairs that make me feel a goddess. The jackets and pants I chose were the most unusual ones from my collection. I already became bold and I had “new” and “new world” in my head. Selecting the shoes was easy, I just took what I really loved thinking of the tens of pairs I will buy in the US. 

Taking one of each style was the strategy in selecting jewelry, to which I added those I almost always wear.biju

I closed the suitcases and I left for my new life in the new world!

Any tips for packing a new life?

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