Learning something new :)

I grew up in an environment where learning and reading stayed on the same shelf with toys.
I’ve never even heard the phrase, play with toys only if you do your homework and learn.
Mother was able to show me that learning, reading and playing are the best tools in my development path as a person.
If it was hard for me to do all three at the same time and with the same intensity when I was in high school with time I was able to love them equally.
Some time ago, with Bogdana’s help I discovered Coursera.com and from then on I kept learning something new.
Now I’m taking a course about creativity.
Today I will present the first assignment for this course.
I was challenged to eat something in a different, unusual way and below are the results.
Eating a red pepper with bare hands on top of my car wearing high heels!

Since I love cars it was a no-brainer for me that this will be about cars!
I also wear high heels every day; but doing that on top of my car is not an everyday activity. Add to this eating with bare hands (something I don’t usually do) and you have the recipe for an out of ordinary activity!

Preparations: first I had to convince my husband that I haven’t smoked anything, this is for class.

Then I chose the shoes – never an easy task for a woman! I needed to match them with the clothes and I didn’t want the heels to be too pointy, in case I touch the car with them.

Finding a way to climb on top of the car with high heels was a challenge, but I do yoga 🙂

Taking the pictures was easy, we took multiple shots to make sure everything looks good. We also took pictures of the climbing and landing (which was the worst part, since I didn’t want to scratch the car).
The outcome is that my neighbors think I’m crazy (I did it in a public parking lot near my house) and I have successfully completed the task, thinking out of the box.










And here is the gif with the “landing” part.

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