New Year’s Must Do List

Although I haven’t chosen my outfit for New Year’s Eve Party I’ve already made my “must do” list for 2016. 

Several years ago I’ve learned about time management and shortly after I’ve started using work break structures and prioritizing my work. My work is extremely structured and everything is organised and planned ahead. On the other side, my life is a total chaos, a perfect disorganized beautiful chaos. I’m not planning ahead, I’m the moment person, I rarely plan where I will go in the weekend, I prefer to decide on the spot according with my mood in that moment.

One year, at the weekly brunch Bogdana taught me how to establish few milestones to improve myself. Since then, every year, in the days between Christmas and New Year, when generally I take PTO from work I establish my “must do” list.

So for the next year my must do list is :

0. Learning English Master Level
1. Reading daily paper books in English (spending time reading eBooks and online articles doesn’t count as book reading)
2. Traveling more (One new site to visit every weekend)
3. Playing Heroes VII only 10 hours per week (few hours every day or a day marathon)
4. Finishing the book I’m writing
5. Getting actively involved in the US political scene
6. Better maintaining long distance relationships (answering to emails in 48 hours and calling Simo every week)
7. Writing more often on my blog (every 4 days)
8. Researching and buying a new transportation vehicle (car or bike – not bicycle)
9. Doing more sports (beside the 4 weekly yoga session)
10. Toning down my Pretentious Expectation (I don’t like to refer to myself as a snob so pretentious it is)

Ok, now to get back to the fashion part of my blog here is the outfit that I’ve worn for Christmas Eve

New Year's

New Year's

My tilted tree, blame it on Georgia 🙂



New Year's

New Year's

New Year's

New Year's (7)

New Year's

Do you set new year’s resolutions?

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  1. That outfit looks amazing on you. I love your goals! You just reminded me to set mine for the new year. xo By the way, kitty is super cute.

  2. It’s always great to set new goals! I wrote mine down over the weekend. The dress is too cute

  3. Maryrose wrote:

    Love that dress! The cut is my favorite style – so flattering. 🙂

  4. nicol wrote:

    youve definitely got some achievable goals! i hope you do achieve them this year! 🙂