Sin City?

There is a time for everything!

I think that in life there are somethings you should do at certain age and only then.

Few years ago, I manage to ruin my beautiful experience with Prater – Amusement Park in Austria. I’ve been there in ’96 and I ‘ve spent there the time of my life. Everything was perfect, I was a 14 year old girl, on her first holiday without the parents, in a new country, with a big amount of money. I enjoyed a lot the time spent there and I was telling stories about it for many many years after. It was one of my best memories!

In 2009 I managed to ruin the whole memory by going there again. I was a grown-up now and from my mature eyes everything was smaller 🙁

That was the moment that I realized that: there is a time for everything!

Now I’m in Vegas, yes in Las Vegas and unfortunately I’m not feeling the Sin City at all.
I don’t think that it’s Vegas, it’s me again. Maybe my visit here should have been few years ago! In this moment Vegas is for me a small place were they tried to fit a lot of big things, way to big and way to many.

I’ve said enough, I let the pictures speak instead about my days in VegasIMG_0373IMG_0289 IMG_0354

IMG_0385 IMG_0390 IMG_0410IMG_0456 IMG_0459 IMG_0510 IMG_0501 IMG_0498 IMG_0546 IMG_0554 IMG_0518IMG_0618 IMG_0590 IMG_0554 IMG_0546 IMG_0530 IMG_0529 IMG_0521 IMG_0641

This was Vegas for me!

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