Few words about me

As you already know, my best friend Simona is an inspiration for me.

I dare

I’ve learned a lot from her, she taught me the precious lesson of simplicity and in the same time she showed me how to value myself and be proud of who I became.

Sometimes I wish I could have the ability to see myself through her eyes just for one day and I’m sure that would make me a better person. And if I’m at the part of seeing myself through other person’s eyes I wish I could see myself from Jeff’s eyes when I’m looking in the mirror.

Today on her awesome beauty blog she launched an invitation to fill the phrase after the Bold words.

Here is mine:

I am continuously working with myself

I wish to have that perfect position I’m dreaming at

I cherish every moment of pleasure and passion.

I wished I were more powerful

I don’t like stupid fake people ( I accept the smart fake ones )

I’m afraid I would not risk enough

I hear my thoughts even when I don’t like them

I regret I didn’t spend more time with my Father

I like trying new things and walk on the edge

I’m not modest and I’m proud of it

I dance without music (I’m an awful dancer)

I sing awfully

I will never underestimate my self

Rarely I keep my mouth shout

I cry every time I speak about my Father

I’m confused when people try to lie to me, that never works

I need my chaotic life

I should have stopped having expectations from people

I could be more tolerant

If you like it feel free to make your own list 🙂


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  1. Jess wrote:

    I always think it would be so interesting to see how other people see us!

    Jess xo

  2. Simona wrote:

    Hihi, te-am recunoscut perfect in toate afirmatiile, dar mi-a placut deosebit de mult prima: I am continuously working with myself
    Iti doresc sa mergi in continuare pe acelasi drum cu motivatie maxima! Te imbratisez!! Mi-e dor tare de tine, abia astept sa te vad!!!