Blue dress and water!

I like water! Yes, it’s a strange way to start a post 🙂

I like rivers, dams, lakes, the sea, the ocean which I haven’t seen live yet but I think I will like it too.
I like ice, snow, rain and the fog. Briefly, I like water in all of it’s shapes 🙂
As soon as it got warmer we went out to visit the area, we have a lot to see in our new world and that’s why we’re going to take advantage of the good weather as much as possible.
We chose to go see the Liberty Dam Reservoir. The dam is superb especially that part of it was still frozen.

Liberty Dam

For this visit I chose to wear my blue dress.



If you want to hide something, better yet, to mask something, a strong colored piece of outfit is all you need.
Considering that everybody will admire the powerful color, your little secret remains concealed.
Keep in mind that the most important part in hiding something is the proper attitude and only then the tangible detail will do its job.
In this case the cord of the blue dress is the detail which will draw the eye where you want or from where you want.
If you want to mask an unpleasant small hump of the belly then tie the cord in a stylish bow.
In my case, since I want to emphasize my booty I tie a bow a little above it and it will turn everybody’s glance 🙂



IMG_1367The sun reminded me of my grey lacquer high heels with the small bows. It’s fascinating how a little bow can transform a shoe.

papucei spateI adore complicated shoes, a bow, a line, a lace, a mix of colors and they suddenly cease being “a pair of shoes” and start being “wow what a pair of shoes”!

papucei fataAnd my makeup for the day  machiaj

If you have other useful ideas, feel free to comment 😉

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  1. VintageLook wrote:

    Una dintre rochitele mele preferate, imi amintesc cand am vazut-o prima data la tine, imediat dupa ce te-ai intors de la Bucuresti!
    Foarte frumos si peisajul, desi se vede ca era nitel frig!! 😛