Comfortable endorphin

I miss my car and I miss her badly!

Since we got here, I knew that there is a race track nearby and I was trying to avoid going there.

This is strange because I really love drag racing but I was pretty sure that if I go to a race I will get insane regarding my missing car.

Saturday I decided that it’s time for me to get over this and I went to the race.



Because I knew that I will have to be standing a lot of time I chose to wear a comfortable outfit.



IMG_9996 IMG_9993

I will not tell you about the cars and the race but I will tell you that the sound of a revving engine is making me extremely happy. That sound is going directly to my eardrum and nothing else matters! I’m feeling that sound in my entire body and the brain is secreting a ton of endorphin!



Because I decided to go with a more comfortable outfit, I chose to wear a retro head band and to complete the look I put on the Malefic necklace and the wide bracelet.



Don’t settle for a trivial look!


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