Bad Hair Day – How to deal with it!

Aww today I look awful, Bad Hair Day Alert! Style tips and tricks for a Bad Hair Day.

You know about those three bad hours on Tuesday, when everything seams to go wrong?

I hate them!

In my case, those three bad hours are not only on Tuesday, they come and go whenever they want.
Most of the time those hours occur early in the morning or when I’m rushing to a meeting with friend or get to an important appointment and they have the same manifestation: worse hairstyle!
Because I have long hair washing it and restyling is not an option for me when I’m in a hurry, therefore I had to find some quick and stylish solution to escape :).

Over the years, I developed a few tricks that I can use to change my bad hair day into my stylish coiffure day.
Today I present you one of those tricks that I use, which is also my favorite – the turban:

Turban for a bad hair day
Turban for a bad hair day (7)
Hmm I wonder how I would look with a red turban…
Turban for a bad hair day (9)
Turban for a bad hair day (8)
Old habits!
Turban for a bad hair day (10)

Tips and Tricks: you can integrate the turban in almost any outfit as long as you build your style around it making it the central piece!

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  1. VintageLook wrote:

    Declar acest look unul dintre cele mai frumoase pe care le-am vazut pe blogul tau. Sunt absolut superbi pantalonii acesti, iar pantofii ii completeaza de minune.
    Parul tau, culoarea si textura, se vede foarte frumos de sub acel turban improvizat. Cred ca ai gasit cea mai buna metoda de a economisi cateva zile la sparea pe cap.
    Pup, frumoasa mea, sa ai un weekend superb!! 🙂