Folded Book Heart

Since I came to the US I’m constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. If I play safer in trying new foods,
I’m going an extra mile to see new places. After few trials in mixing unthinkable fashion combination I’m starting to be more open to new things.

I love art, from painting and drawing to sculpturing, from Modern to Renaissance and Cubism, I love everything about art but unfortunately I didn’t inherit my mom’s artistic talent. To make something artistic I start by finding an easy project of course, then make a plan, measure and calculate everything and then I have to work hard 🙂 An easy drawing took me 3 hours.

This time I’ve chosen an easier project: to make a heart using the folded book technique. After browsing thru many ideas this heart was the perfect project for me ­- easy and quick.
Because I don’t have a lot of patience and the standard tutorial was requiring a lot of measurements and page marking, time consuming, I’ve put my mind to work and I found the simplest way to do it.
So instead of this I came up with this 🙂
I drew the shape that I wanted directly on the book’s pages and started folding from last page to the first. As you will see the drawing part took me multiple attempts so if you are like me use a pencil not a pen.
Before drawing the heart I set some pages aside to have a more fancy cover 🙂
I started by folding the exterior of the heart to see how it will shape and do the corrections (it was not necessary to correct anything).
I folded each page on the lines left from the drawing and kept a straight angle. One hour and 146 pages later tam ta da dam!
folded-book-heart (2)
IMG_9330Do you like my easy easy way to make a folded book heart?

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