High Heel Shoes Shopping

As you already noticed, I love high heel shoes. Since I’m in the States, I had a difficult time finding the right high-heels. Unfortunately, the area that I’m living in is not a fashion place at all. I know that all the respectable stores are building their collection function of the target customers from the area. It’s understandable but annoying in the same time.

I’m not a fan of Zara’s shoes but that is now an option except the fact that in my state (Maryland) there is only one Zara store. Imagine that for 12407 square miles (32133 sqkm) and almost 6 million people there is just one Zara store. Obviously I’m in the wrong “state”!

Because it’s 1.5 hours drive to Zara I tried to find some other place to buy shoes. After 3 hours spent in Columbia Mall looking for shoes I found myself in the position to give up my search when in the window of H&M I saw these pretty pumps!

high heel shoes
I know that H&M shoes are not great quality but they were only $40.

The second day of shoe shopping was in designer stores. It was another disappointing experience, the models they sell are… I’m looking for a nice way to say it…Let’s say that my mom can easily find shoes here 🙂

Looking for some classic heals for the office I’ve found these pumps:

high heel shoes

high heel shoes

high heels

I love the striped reptile embossed upper part, the heels are 8 cm (3 1/4″) and the black suede overlay is so stylish.

To continue bragging about my shopping, here are the pants that I will wear with the shoes.

high heel shoes

And now a complete outfit






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