How to Bleach Eyebrows!

I’m lucky to have beautiful dark eyebrows. Yes I’m not modest at all ­čÖé


They are not too thick neither too rare and that is why I can play with them giving them multiple shapes.

Everyone has their own preference and opinion about matching your eyebrows to your hair color as for me I’ve always hated dark eyebrows with blond hair, and thick ones also.

Now I’m blonde and I had to do something to┬ámy eyebrows. After getting familiar with the USA eyebrows bleach products I chose┬áSally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach for the face. It’s easy to use and contains everything you need including a tray and a spatula. After mixing the bleach according to the instructions I’ve combed my brows and with the spatula I’ve added the mix all over my brows working the spatula back and forth until all the hair was coated.

From time to time I checked the color because I did not want light blonde brows. I used a cotton swab to wipe a little off after a couple of minutes and after 4 minutes my brows were few shades lighter. It’s super easy and quick!

Bleach eyebrows

 Before and during

Bleach eyebrows 2 (2)

 Bleach Eyebrows

Bleach eyebrows 3

Now that I have lighter brows I have to really learn how to correctly contour my brows. When they were black contouring was easy, just adding a light color powder or gel maintaining the original shape but now I have to learn how to shape them with the angled brush, how to fill them correctly and most of all how to make them equal ­čÖé

Bleach eyebrows 4 (2)


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