How to dress at the office!

First day of work in USA!

People are almost every time unsatisfied with something.Β For example if it’s warm why is not cold and when is cold why is so cold? If you have a job, why do I have so much to work/I don’t have a job, I’m bored, and so on…Are we able to be satisfied with what we have? Is it a good idea to want more and more every time? Are we not able to appreciate what we have?

To all of this questions I’m answering this: It’s not ok to be satisfied with what you have, there is always room for more, there is a ladder to climb on, but, and this is a big but, you have to appreciate what you have when you have it. There is room for more but be aware of what you already have πŸ™‚

Enough with this serious stuff and back to fashion πŸ™‚
I like to wake up every morning and think about what I’ll wear that day at the office.
I hate the classic office clothing, this is why I’ll not work for a bank or least not for one with a dress code – penguin style.
I enjoy picking out different outfits and playing with style and color.
For my first day at the office, in the evening before, I had spent around 45″ in the dressing room to choose what to wear. Should I wear a dress? What color? Should I wear pants? Which ones? Should I choose a skirt? How long?

Finally I chose an outfit







Give a great importance in choosing the clothes for the first days at a new company, you could define yourself easily. I know that it’s not appropriate to choose a book by the covers but let’s be honest and admit that we are living in a world of beauty and ugliness.
When I was managing a dental clinic, in my first day I wore a colorblock dress.
When I was developing a branch of a training company I chose to wear a red pencil over the knee skirt with a black shirt.
Where I work now, although it is a men’s world I’m allowed to play with colors and shapes because I’m doing business development and marketing πŸ™‚

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  1. Madalina Lina wrote:

    Super outfit ! Iti sta foarte frumos . Te pup :*

    • Laura wrote:

      Multumesc mult draga mea!
      Astept sa poze si cu tinutele tale πŸ™‚

      • Amici wrote:

        Mie imi place tare mult si cum ti-ai aranjat parul. L-ai impletit in partea de sus? Si eu am parul lung ca al tau si cand il port in coada de cal, e atat de simplu…mi-ar prinde bine niste idei:)

        • Laura wrote:

          Imi place sa l tin prins si incerc sa variez de la banala coada de cal.
          Aici mi am prins o suvita din fata, am tras o in lateral putin si apoi am rasucit o pe degete prinzand o in coada. Am securizat “rasuceala” cu un clestisor micut maro inchis.
          Din cand in cand imi las suvita neprinsa in coada, o impletesc pe mijloc si apoi o rasucesc peste coada anterior prinsa in asa fel incat da impresia de elastic πŸ™‚

          Sper ca ti am dat ceva idei!

          Acum e randul tau sa mi zici cum iti mai faci tu parul

          • Amici wrote:

            Pai eu imi fac banala coada de cal, cand nu-l port desfacut, asa ca de la mine n-ai ce invata:) Parca-mi sunt de lemn mainile, cand vine vorba de aranjat parul. E si atat de drept incat, daca incerc sa para putin dezordonat, chiar e dezordonat, adica e greu sa las suvite afara din parul prins, ca par trezita din somn;)
            O sa incerc metoda ta, sa vad ce iese, desi slabe sanse:)