How to feel comfortable in a retro dress?

Retro dress  I like the model of this dress and I like feeling in the early 70’s.

This type of dress is not doing any favor to my type of body shape but i really want to be able to wear the model. A tall person, with long and skinny legs will look amazing in any of the 70’s dresses.

Because the lower part of the dress is similar to a tulip my muscular legs can look even thicker. I picked a retro dress that is half a number bigger and this way it will not be very fit on the bottom and the legs will look ok. Do not think that a bigger size will make them look thinner, because it will not, this type of retro dress is not gentle with any extra pounds.

I love the dress even if I know that the model does not match my type of silhouette therefore I’m doing my best to wear it as confident as I can be.  The color is the ace for the sleeve 🙂

retro dress

retro dress









What do you think, does it look nice on me?

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    You look absolutely lovely! I always love vintage fashion and sometimes it is harder to wear than modern pieces. The dress looks fantastic. Found your blog through The DC Ladies Blogtober!

    -Amanda from The Wise Brunette

  2. Laura wrote:

    Thanks Amanda!

    I’m glad that you like my dress and I’m glad you understand the challenges that come with vintage pieces 🙂

    I like your blog and I will follow you!