How to wear a vest ?

How to wear a vest is not as complicated as it seems.

I know that a lot of women are really afraid to embrace a look with a vest or waistcoat from various reasons. Some are afraid that it’s too manly, other are afraid of how it will shape their figure but more often I heard the phrase: I don’t have a suit so what should I wear it with?The most important part in how to wear a vest is to buy the right one for you.

There are so many types of vest available that it’s easy to wear it with what you already have in your wardrobe.

If your clothing style goes more to a girly style choose lace vest, if you are more into classic style pick a tweed vest.

Floral vests are perfect for a boho look, a retro one or even a vintage look.

For country girls western leather or crocheted vest are perfect and so on… you can choose a motorcycle vest, or a denim vest for casual 🙂

Another thing you have to keep in mind when you buy a vest is your body shape:

  • If you are lucky to have a large bust you will choose a fitted vest made from thin fabrics so it can easily follow your body’s contours.
  • If mother nature was not so generous with your bust that’s perfect because you can choose any vest – a fitted one with a big V cleavage will make the bust look bigger, a heavy fabric (denim for example) is stiff and can easily hide the lack of volume in that upper body.

After you have the one perfect for you start playing with it with any piece of clothe from your wardrobe.

Choose a pair of jeans and a simple top and add a fitted suit vest and you ‘ll get  a casual glamour look from a banal one.

The boho-style vest is great with skirts, shorts and jeans.

A fringed vest mix with denim and boots can work with your Western-style look.

I love vests but it’s very hard for me to find a fitted one for my body shape so when I find one I just buy it and then I’m thinking with what should I wear it.

Here is how I wear it on my visit to Cylburn Arboretum:

How to wear a vest




How to wear a vest


How to wear a vest




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