I’m going to the gym, what should I wear?

 Outfit for going to the gym

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I chose to write this post because I noticed the same dressing trend when it comes to going to the gym, in Romania as well in the US. Trying to find out the reason why a beautiful woman would choose to throw on herself the largest and most faded t-shirt, a pair of old pants and with a messy hair, I kept asking left and right. Almost everytime I received the same answer: I come to the gym to sweat, why dress up?!

Let me make it clear, when I said old, ugly and low quality clothes I didn’t mean the gym clothes but those you wear to come to the gym, those you change before you start your routines.

I have nothing against wearing your most comfortable and suitable for the exercises clothes in the gym, but it hurts my eyes to see a woman going out in the same clothes she stays indoors or worse. I totally agree with adjusting your outfit according to your destination, but I consider that the outfit for the gym should be one that represents you as well.

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I will come back with a post about me leaving my comfort zone when going to the gym and I’ll try to choose an outfit that I’m a bit afraid of, I call it the boyfriend style – oversized clothes to which I’m going to add a little bit of Laura.

How do you choose your pre-gym outfit?

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  1. Odin wrote:

    I often choose my gym outfit by comfort criteria.
    The rest is girls business.

    • laura wrote:

      When you work out, don’t you wear special clothing? Do you use street clothes, the ones you wear to go to the gym, or do you change them once arrived to the gym?

  2. ggg wrote:

    Super cool pics 🙂
    Love it so much <3
    Nice outfit