London Skirt and Winter Fashion

So it’s officially winter, starting with the radio tunes, to the shopping frenzy and finishing with the Christmas lights from all over the city. Therefore today I will speak about winter fashion trends.After studying the winter collection, reading about what to and what not to wear here are few of the trends that I consider a must for this winter.

1. Winter flowers dress worn with boots and a fitted jacket for a girly look or a tailored fringe vest for a vintage look
2. Angular necklines or deconstructed sweaters for a warm look
3. 90’s Ruffles worn in a bohemian dress
4. The femme blouse with a textured knit-vest are a perfect idea for office layering
5. Lace and high-neck blouse for the Victorian girl
6. Mid-calf skirt-my new favorite

Lately I’ve developed an obsession for empire and A-line waistline skirts. Last week after a short shopping session I found this London skirt. London skirt is not an official skirt type but what better name for a skirt with a London street scene print?

This is not my only London print inspired skirt – here is the other London Print Skirt

The pattern on this skirt outlines the London idea – the red telephone booths and double decker buses. The “fashionista” me loves the colors and the “geek” me loves the London’s telephone box (Tardis -Dr. Who).

London skirt Winter Fashion

London skirt Winter Fashion

London skirt Winter Fashion

London skirt Winter Fashion

London skirt

London skirt

London skirt

London skirt

Laura's Fashion Essentials

Laura's Fashion Essentials

So am I the only one who wants a cup of tea now?

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  1. Great outfit! I absolutely love love love the necklace!!

  2. Rachel wrote:

    Wow , you look absolutely amazing and that skirt is just divine x

  3. kris wrote:

    wow that skirt is such a statement! Love it 🙂

  4. Jess wrote:

    I love the shape of the skirt! The print is lovely too, the colours are so bright 🙂

    Jess xo

  5. Laura wrote:

    The skirt is so pretty and fits you perfectly x

    Pink Frenzy

  6. The entire outfit looks amazing on you. I’m obsessed with the skirt you have on, it’s beautiful. xo Brigette

  7. Super cute combo! I love that skirt so hard!

  8. Maria Gridley wrote:

    OMG I LOVE that skirt! SO cute, love the style of it too. This entire outfit is just gorgeous!! ♥