My Fedora

I’ve always liked man hats, I like to wear them and also I like to shop for them and most of all I love a old school fedora hat .

I remember that in Timisoara was only one hat store with a multitude of fedora, panama, homburg, bowler and as a child I loved going there  just to look at them.

I imagine myself growing-up, wearing a 3 button style pinstripe men suit, a withe and black fedora over my head and red high heel suede shoes. In high school I had a period of wearing man suits with tie and pumps and then in University I gave up the jacket and only wore the tie and the vest with bluejeans and hi-heels.

This year was the year of hats frenzy therefore the market was full with various models but none exactly like the fedora I was seeing in my childhood.

I made a compromise and I chose this hat which is neither a fedora nor a panama but I like it. cover

This year wearing a purse that is not a purse was a must and even if you already have seen mine in different articles I never told you that I made it. Why would I lose 2 hours to modify a book cover into a purse? Simply I did not find in stores any model to like enough to spend few hundreds dollars on.

Fedora (3)


About the necklace and the pens I will write in a future post where I will tell you how difficult it is to wear geometric shapes on the pants.

Tips and tricks:

After you find the style that suits you, find the perfect color for your skin and don’t try to match it with the outfit – match it with your skin and build the outfit around it.

As you can see my fedora is not black 🙂


Fedora (5) Fedora (6)

Fedora (1)


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  1. VintageLook wrote:

    Cat de bine iti vine!! Am incercat si eu una luni la Stradivarius, dar cu borurile mai largi si aratam putin a vrajitoare! 😛 Tie chiar iti vine grozav, mi-ar placea sa te vad purtand mai multe modele!

    • Laura wrote:

      Ms ms ms!
      Si eu am incercat mai multe pana am gasit o pe aceasta. Din pacate si eu arat a vrajitoare cu cele cu borurile mari si nici cu cele care se poarta pe spate – vf capului nu ma avantajeaza de loc.
      Am sa caut un magazin de palarii si am sa fac o sesiune foto 🙂