Halloween Outfit: Lady Jack Skellington

My Halloween outfit for this year represented a challenge but not because it was hard to find, exactly the opposite: too many options. It was exactly the same as when I’m staying in front of my packed dressing and I’m complaining that I don’t have anything to wear!

Let’s start with the beginning – pumpkin carving. I remember carved pumpkins lighting my home window, the smell of fresh roasted pumpkin seeds but most of all I remember my mom teaching me how to carefully use the scalpel to make perfect shapes. My mom is very artistic, starting with drawing, painting, singing, designing and of course I did not inherit that beautiful part of hers. I did my best to carve that pumpkin, I was so proud because she trusted me with the scalpel. Growing up I had abandoned this tradition but now being in USA I was eager to adopt all Halloween’s traditions.

After 2 hours of work, sweating and complaining I realized that Jeff’s pumpkin is more elaborated and beautiful than mine but I compensated with the outfit for the party 🙂



I bought my Halloween Outfit one week earlier  after spending a lot of time deciding which one will be more appropriate for my first american Halloween.

When I entered the costume store I was so excited and eager to try them all, just like a kid in a candy store.


I was standing in front of a huge wall full of costumes. From my search I had to exclude all costumes related to any type of princess, any uniform, any animal, any vampire or witch and still had over 20 outfits to choose from. It was exactly like when I have to go someplace important, I know that I have a dress on but I keep staring to my tens of dresses thinking that I don’t have anything to wear.

Finally I chose to try on 3. I love to try clothes in USA, the S is too big and the XS is almost fitting being just a little too large 🙂

Here is my costume and few pictures from the Halloween Party:

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit

My Halloween Outfit 8

My Halloween Outfit

 Have I told you that I love Halloween in USA?

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