Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars

Oscar fashion, Oscar trends, Oscar disasters or Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed 

Best dressed stars:

Dwayne Johnson – The Rock describes his outfit as: “Deep blue Italian wool w/ slight texture, black satin lapels with black Onyx studs and custom patent leather shiners”

the rock

Neil Patrick Harris looked awesome in a grey two-piece with satin lapel and bow tie.

Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars

Benedict Cumberbatch looked astonishing.

Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars

Jamie Chung looked celestial in this Yanina Couture dress.

Jamie Chung

Reese Wintherspoon I don’t like her but today she looked bold in a Tom Ford dress.

Reese Wintherspoon

Rita Ora’s Marchesa gown has a dazzling midnight-blue color, lovely.

Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars

Sienna Miller and Oscar de la Renta proved  that blue and black go well together. I loved this gown, the velvet bow and the square cut neckline are gorgeous.

Sienna Miller

Rosamund Pike – this red Givenchy dress is pure elegance.

Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars

Margot Robbie wore Saint Laurent black wrap dress with the chiffon sleeves and waterfall draping. I loved her flawless makeup and the necklace.

Margot Robbie

 Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars – Worst, awful and all the bad words that you can think of

Jared Leto : “Well now we finally know what it would look like if Jesus was cast in a Singin’ in the Rain remake.” Emma Day

jared leto

Chloe Grace Moretz wore a dress that reminded me of grandma’s couch and in top of all she stood with her hands in her pockets (hopefully those were pockets)


Lupita Nyongo tried too much this time. Not only she put some weight on but in this pearl-overload Calvin Klein gown she looked like a glossy wide shouldered wrestler.

Lupita Nyongo

Dakota Johnson with her apathetic look, with her banal pony tail and superficial makeup managed to ruin a beautiful Saint Laurent


Oprah, you don’t need a push-up!

Oprah - vera wang

Scarlett Johansson ruined a beautiful forest green Versace gown with that statement necklace – too much!

Scarlet Johansson

About Blanca Blanco’s outfit I can only say: take this plastic wrap and cut it in very small pieces and throw it in the trash.

Blanca Blanco


So what is your Oscars 2015: Best and worst dressed stars ?


pictures from reuters and getty images

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