Red at the office

Red at the office is not a big no no anymore.

Several years ago when I was promoted to Commercial Director, I had to learn how to dress more appropriate. I’m not saying more appropriate to an executive position (I had that covered) but I had to learn how to dress to look older. I know it’s funny, everyone is doing their best to be fit and young and I wanted to go to the oppose side.

I’ve started reading a lot about this subject…books, blogs, magazines, researches and so on but without any real results. I didn’t want to dress like an old lady, I didn’t want to look like an old lady, I just wanted to look as I were in my 30’s. So what did I do, I took a look at my career idol – Bogdana and this time instead of looking at her as this brilliant successful professional I looked at her as the amazingly and unconventionally well dress business woman. First rule I’ve learned from her regarding this matter is not to wear an outfit that’s not me, that doesn’t represent me or otherwise I will find myself in an awkward position of trying to be someone I’m not.  The second rule: by wearing a shirt or a dress I cannot go wrong.

With years I’ve learned how to tone down (or not) my outfit according to my job title and by bringing my personal style in business I can boost my confidence and ability when I need it :). I started buying more dresses and less shirts…I have to admit I’m not a shirt person, I prefer more a shirt looking blouse.

If you want to see me in a more girly office outfit here is me in my white office dress.

So a few common sense rules:

– no summer sheer maxi dress, no mini-dress or skirt and most of all no to all clothing elements that reveal lines – bra or panties (go for strapless bra and a thong). I never thought I will have to add this to my no list to office outfit but no and no and no to flip-flops. I’m not insane but last week at an interview I saw 4 girls in flip-flops and they were applying for an engineering position not for a day laborer position.

So my red at the office outfit for today is:


red at the office (2)

red at the office

red at the office

red at the office

red at the office

red at the office

So do you wear red at the office?


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  1. Ursula wrote:

    Love your red inspired office outfit and your cat is loving the camera alot!