Shorts and shorts again!

I like shorts! Today I say that I like them but few years ago I was telling everybody how much I love wearing them.

I remember that I used to wear shorts even at the office. Yes, yes, I know that this sounds crazy but let me draw you a picture to see that I was not completely crazy.
Imagine an electric blue deux pieces, a perfect custom made jacket with three quarters sleeves over a yellow slim fit shirt and instead of a regular skirt I had shorts, high heel and a tie. 

Writing this post I remember how good I used to feel wearing them and now I miss them.
Back to these days, I’m still in love with shorts, jeans, leather, sport and suit shorts, all of them 🙂
I took advantage of one of these beautiful days and decided to go to the Great Falls. The Great Falls are located above the fall line of the Potomac River. According to wiki the Potomac River began carving out the Great Falls roughly 35,000 years ago. “The river cascades over a series of 20-foot (6.1 m) falls, falling a total of 76 feet (23 m) in elevation over a distance of less than 1 mile (1.6 km), making the Great Falls the steepest fall line rapids of any river in the eastern United States.”(source)

Knowing that’s a place where I will climb rocks, I went for a comfortable look by wearing sport shoes and jeans shorts. I was in a very playful mood so I was climbing and jumping, laughing, just fooling around and enjoying nature.

More about my love for sport heels shoes here:  How to wear hi-heels sport shoes

Of course, after seeing the falls from the tourist vantage point I went down to the water.

Shorts and shorts again!

Shorts and shorts again!

And then back up:

Shorts and shorts again!
Shorts and shorts again!


And a last look to remember the falls:
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