Visiting San Pedro Square

Wednesday was a colder day and what better way to get warm than a Hot Coffee. As I’m still learning my way in San Jose I’ve chosen to visit San Pedro Square and find there a coffee shop.

San Pedro Square is one of the oldest Spanish California’s settlements – the Perlata Adobe was build in 1797. The street is lined with old historic buildings and all the restaurants have tried to maintained that old spirit. The Square has been a gathering place for centuries and nowadays the restaurants are offering a diverse cuisine “every corner of the planet, such as tapas, Middle Eastern, Continental, brewpub fare, multiple Asian influences, Italian, Cuban and retro American.” ( source )

I drank a good coffee at B2 Coffee. The inside of the coffee shop is more into the industrial version, with metal chairs and beams but for a sweet note they have glass chandeliers.

After the warm drink I just wandered around on the street enjoying the city vibe in a work day.

I wear my new DKNY Jacket, comfy jeans and in my wish for summer sun I took my sandals.  I know that the scarf looks like it’s from a different movie but I was cold and it was the only one in my car.

Knowing that a well made jacket can change a boyish figure into a curvy one, could bestow some pounds when is needed, even cover some body imperfections, so it’s mandatory to choose the right size. It’s critical for the blazer to be fitted across the shoulders and retain its shape when worn open. I enjoy to wear it buttoned and unbuttoned.  The shoulder seam should be right about where the shoulder ends. If the blazer has wrinkles across the back it’s too small and if there is extra fabric around your midsection than it’s too big. All of this does not apply for a “boyfriend” blazer, in that case the look should be long and boxy. Until now I did not find the “boyfriend” blazer/jacket to feel comfortable in but I’m still looking.

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square

San Pedro Square




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