How to wear hi-heels sport shoes

Hi-heels sport shoes or Tennis shoes how they are calling them here 🙂 

I remember that I had to learn a lot to get big grades for my father to buy me the “new revolutionary” hi-heels sport shoes from Puma.

Every time when I was wearing them I was feeling like a goddess, everybody was admiring me, asking me “what kind of shoes are those” and my answer was :“hi-heels sport shoes”

Since then, my love for unusual shoes has been growing :). Nowadays it’s easy to find new strange models but few years ago it was a real challenge to have different shoes, out of ordinary type.

Today I’m going to tell you about my tennis shoes. I bought this pair of shoes this June when I was visiting Romania. I chose to wear them for the first time on the way back to the USA. Knowing that they are new shoes, having them on the plane was a good option, I did not have to stand a lot and if they would had harmed my feet I easily could take them down.  As usually, the things did not go as they were planned.  I will not tell you about how hard it is to run in them when you’re late for the next plane, I will not tell you about the lovely security guy how was running with me asking me how can I run in hi-heels shoes, I will not tell you about those, I will tell you instead that except the running part these shoes are awesome and comfortable.

Today I’m going to show you two outfits for these shoes.

The first one is the one that I’d worn for a 17 hours flight.



hi-heels sport shoes


And the second outfit is an inspiration after I saw Oana wearing a similar one.



hi-heels sport shoes

photo 1


 Tips : No matter how sporty one piece is, if you decide to wear it with the right accessories you could have a funky classy outfit even with hi-heels sport shoes!

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