White dress for the office

I have mixed feelings regarding autumn. I love the fall colors but I’m not a big fan of the cloudy sky and the shorter days. Today was gloomy day and I chose to wear my white dress. 

Because of the light or lack of it the pictures don’t really outline my white dress. I can say it’s a simple sleeveless dress but the bottom line has a 3D square pattern. Having a heavier lower part the dress gains a round form. For a perfect hourglass contouring the dress has an elastic waistband. After I got my dress on I began to spin like a child enjoying the perfect bell shape that my dress was forming therefore I made my hair in a ballerina bun.

Few years ago I was avoiding this type of coiffure because using a hair bun seems too difficult. Since I started my new life in the States I often step over my limits and try new stuff. After I’ve tried to use the hair bun few times I manage to make a perfect bun in less than a minute.

As accessories I chose my amber necklace received from my dearest friend Simona,  a 7 pack bracelet from H&M and 3 rings.

 White Dress (7)

White Dress (9)

White Dress (8)

White Dress (10)

White Dress

White Dress

White Dress

White Dress (6)

 I miss the sun!

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